This page is full of


of babies in their mommy's wombs!


My website is an expression of who I am.

I have always loved children and babies. I would have had many more children if I was physically able.

The reason I sculpt dolls goes hand in hand with my "personal" and “moral” views on children and pro-life issues.

 I want to encourage the “MOTHERING INSTINCT” in all of us to flourish!!!

Donna Lee.

A pre-born baby's heart beats at 21 days after conception!


This image below is only 6 weeks after conception!

Please note that the photo above was taken from an ectopic tubal pregnancy in order to save the life of the mother.


Click on babies below to view the photo larger


These images are only 7 weeks after conception!


These next 3 images are from NEW TECHNOLOGY

 3-D ultrasounds of fetus's from 8-12 weeks.

This image is taken 12 weeks after conception!

These images are 14 weeks after conception.


These images are 16 weeks after conception!


These images are 20 weeks after conception!

These images are 24 weeks after conception!


Click here to see a "chosen" 21 week old preemie baby who was  MEDICALLY SAVED instead of aborted